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Written & illustrated by Elize Stolk 

I Love You to the Earth & Back is a children's story that explores the theme of loss, revealing the enduring power that we hold in carrying forward the essence of the people and places we have loved, even in their absence.



Set on a far away planet, this magical story follows the life of an adventurous young alien named Sweetpea as they navigate the many challenges of growing up, discovering the art of self-reliance and embracing their newfound independence.

Sweetpea's resilience is truly put to the test when they face the unexpected, heart-wrenching loss of their home and caretaker 'The Mauring Tree'.

In the face of this tragedy, Sweetpea finds themselves overwhelmed by a combination of incredible grief and a need to quickly adapt to a world they weren't quite ready for.


When things seem to be at their worst, Sweetpea finds hope and guidance in a little glow bug who helps to light their path through the darkened world.

As the story comes to a close, we learn that the little  glow bug carries with them the spirit of 'The Mauring Tree' and Sweetpea is able to find comfort in knowing they are not truly as alone or lost as they had thought. 


Self Published too!

"I Love You to the Earth and Back" is about my experience in losing my mother at a young age. The healing journey I went on after her death largely involved discovering how to connect with her energy and heart through different facets or moments of my life.  

The core story was written unexpectedly one night from the hours of 11pm - 2am, and took me a subsequent 2-3 years to finish polishing it and illustrating the pages. It has now been 10 years since her passing, and I think creating this book was a sort of therapy for me.

The following, is a dedication to her, as it is written inside the book:

"To my mother Maureen, whos light faded all to soon, and yet is so bright that it continues to guide me even now."


Please take a little flip through the first half of the story! 
Oh, and Sorry about the little pop up add at the end of the flip book,

one day ill be able to afford ALL the premium features.

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